About Guy

From Huskies to Race car driver

Husky racing
After 18 years of racing Siberian Huskies and a recent desire for owning a faster car, I signed up for the Ginetta Race Drivers Club in December 2013.

I run a very successful Behavioural Research Consultancy in Leeds called SimpleUsability. We also rent out our market research facilities in Leeds under the brand of Research Helper.

I’ve converted two panel vans into motorhomes.

I love the Outer Hebrides. The Isles of Harris, Lewis and The Uists are treasured places that have had a profound impact on me.

I know very little about car mechanics. This is changing.

We have huskies, not children. That’s how I’m able to do this.

I had zero race and track experience when I signed up. The first year of racing was just learning everything, from the back of the pack.

I’ve lost count of of the number of amazing people I’ve met through Ginetta.

I’m incredibly humbled by the opportunities I’ve enjoyed so far.

Everything other than motorsport, really is waiting….

Isle of North Uist

Hushinish Bay