31st December 2015

A blast around Blyton

By In Race Prep

I know when I’ve spent too long away from the track. I start looking at the other cars on the road, in the way where every gap looks like an opportunity…

Those feelings were back. Hence, I needed to get out in the race car again. Perfect solution: a Blyton track day between christmas and new year. The weather forecast looked good, so I booked, along with Phil and Richard with their GRDC cars.

On the actual day, the weather turned stormy. But I did think this was the ideal time to start learning about driving in the wet. One of those big things on my to-do list.

re-connecting the hoses to the air ventsPre-trackway prep took a little longer than I’d hoped. Discovered that somewhere along the lines the vents in the dash had their hoses disconnected. So they were just blowing into the back of the dash, not the windscreen. After quite a bit of fiddling under the dash, I got the hoses re-connected and felt ready to tackle the rain.

The first part of the day was on very windy, damp track. The rain came on in the afternoon and I quickly got reminded why, to-date, I’m no good in the wet. Minimal visibility through the steamed up windscreen. If you can’t see, you can’t drive.

I watched Richard whizz round in the rain and ran over to check his car when he returned to the paddock. His windows were clear. Message to self – I just need to get my steamy window issue sorted – it can be done.

I liked the venue and atmosphere. If it was closer for me, I think I’d spend a lot of time there.

Here’s a video from the morning.


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