3rd May 2015

Rockingham – 2nd & 3rd May 2015 – PROTYRE MOTORSPORT GINETTA GT5 CHALLENGE

By In Racing

First point scoring race weekend of the season. I was hoping for a good time in qualifying after a great day of instruction on Friday. Unfortunately, the car felt different – tyres had lost grip. I only managed a 1:50.222 – giving me P13 out of 15 on the grid. Back at the pits, I found the tyre pressures were way too high – the phantom tyre fairy had struck – I’d normally run the Avon tyres 22psi cold – these were 26psi cold. My fault for not checking before heading out. We’d discovered that there was a huge difference in weights between the cars in the class and Ginetta didn’t have enough ballast to level the playing field this weekend – so a temporary weight minimum was set – with my car running at least 30kg over this.

With the tyre pressures correctly set, Race 1 gave me P11, with a fastest lap of 1:49.323. I was happier with my performance but I had hoped for more, based on Friday’s pace on the test day.


Race 2 on the Sunday was wet. I didn’t like it. Span twice. I haven’t learnt to toe-and-heel – so the down changes at Rockingham in the wet induced huge lock up – even on the wet tyres. The track is incredibly slippery when wet – way beyond anything I had thought it would be. I ended up P12 out of 12 finishers, 2 GRDC+ cars failed to make it back. Fastest time of 2:20.788.

The track dried for the afternoon. I removed the passenger seat to shed a bit of weight. Most cars on the track were running 30kg less weight than me – so I thought we’d see if a reduction in weight would give me some speed.

Race 3 was good. I had a good start, which I could have made more progress but I lost a bit of bottle as we bunched up. I eventually moved up to P9 in the final lap. Fastest lap in the race of 1:50.539. I punched the air as I crossed the finish line. Possibly my happiest finish to a race so far. Unfortunately the VBox had failed to record the last race – so I had no data to review to find out if the weight saving had allowed me to go faster on the bank. I did have some footage from the gopro – but lighting is not very good.


This leaves me in P11 in the overall series, 35 points, just 3 points behind Chris.

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