5th December 2013

Ginetta G40R GRDC ordered

Orange or white?

By In Ginetta Fun

Today, I went into to Ginetta in Garforth to discuss signing up for the Ginetta Race Drivers Club. I was left with a very enthusiastic chap called Michael Waudby. He talked me through the bits that make the cars special with so much passion – I was hooked.

I went upstairs and signed the paper work. Car was ordered with:

  • air conditioning
  • sound proofing
  • breathable car cover
  • Vbox data logger
  • Hans Device
  • Ginetta Racewear

I was torn between orange or white. I went with orange because they call it ‘safety orange’ and that made sense.

I announced my signing up on Facebook. The news didn’t go down so well at home.

ginetta g40
White G40R

Orange g40R

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