Green glow of Aurora on the croft

Hi, I'm Guy Redwood


Founder of SimpleUsability, the UX and Behavioural Research Consultancy acquired by CDS in September 2020.

Described as an energetic UX innovator. Proudly supported by a network of fabulous people from over 25 years of keeping brands ahead of their digital game; including Coca Cola, Amazon, Ocado and a few game changers you’ve yet to hear about.

Helping Brands:
A UX & Behavioural Research Thought Leader.

User Experience

It all came together before the millennium whilst lunching in cybercafes, watching people struggle with Yahoo.

I help organisations and brands understand the natural behaviour of their customers to then create experiences that enrich, encourage and accelerate engagement.

I have over 25 years of user centred work on digital projects under my belt, supported by thousands of hours of watching people use their devices.

A recognised thought leader in UX research methodologies, eye tracking, online financial services, ecommerce, online grocery and hospitality & leisure.

Green glow of Aurora on the croft

Regenerative Self Sufficiency:
A Hebridean Crofter.


We have moved to a croft on the Isle of Lewis to grow our own food, at the foot of a mountain, by a turquoise shore.

Inspired by Monty Hall‘s “Great Hebridean Escape” we first visited the Outer Hebrides in 2012 and have returned many times since. It’s a landscape relentlessly honed by nature and inhabited by really lovely folk.

During the lockdowns of 2020/21, our evenings were spent immersed in agricultural webinars, learning about agroforestry and highland crofting.

Once we’ve built our new home, we will lead a life of self-sufficiency through regenerative agriculture.

Green glow of Aurora on the croft

The Good Life:
A Lover Of All Things Outdoor And Open-Fire Cooking.

Good Life

Before leaving university in 1994, we walked from Fort William to the Isle of Skye, carrying a tent and supplies, wild camping along the way.

This anchored a love for the mountainous outdoors.

Too many adventures to list but highlights include kayaking through the sea stacks of the Shetland Isles, fly fishing in the wilds of Assynt and exploring the wilderness of Knoydart with our first huskies.

Along with these travels, I’m forever improving my abilities to cook over open fires or on our growing collection of BBQs. 

Green glow of Aurora on the croft

Speed is Relative:
A Retired Siberian Husky & Ginetta Racer.


That first husky was never meant to become a passion or a lifestyle.

I have over twenty years of racing and showing our Siberian Huskies in the UK. I co-organised the world-famous sled dog race in Aviemore for 6 years and was an elected committee member of the GB breed club.

Dog power lead to horse power.

I recently completed 5 years of racing a hand built Ginetta race car in a televised national series that also included a few rounds at Spa-Francorchamps. Competitively driving a race car has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

It wasn’t part of the plan but learning to drive on the limit, humbled and evolved me.

My Personal MBA:
I Only Know Teachers.


I’ve always had an inquisitive mind; accelerated in my younger self by the most amazing design teacher at secondary school.

I find most things fascinating and I’m forever pondering ‘why?’.

I’m at my happiest when learning and experiencing and evolving. I dedicate regular time to this and call it my Personal MBA.

Self-development is centred around the beliefs that you can choose happiness in all situations and you are the average of the people you choose to spend the most time with.
One of the biggest highlights of my personal MBA was attending the Do Lectures in 2019.

My better self is an unfinished project.